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Happy Friday Guelphites!  As YOUR Guelph REALTOR®, Krystal Moore, I am here to help with all of your Guelph Real Estate needs, questions and curiosities!  before-and-after-staging

When preparing to sell, the biggest concern from my clients is ‘What about staging???‘  You have options when it comes to the fantastic topic of staging your home…and no matter which one you choose, the goal remains the same:  Increase the appeal of your home to buyers.

Staging is like getting your house ready for a party…it’s time to put its best face forward, to show everyone how bright and spacious your home can be, and most importantly, it’s time to show buyers that they want your home to become THEIR home!


1. Hire a Prliving-room-before-and-afterofessional ‘Stager’:  While sometimes costly, the professional stager will come into your home and tell you exactly what should be moved, painted, put into storage or cleaned up.  The results can be very effective for buyers and often help increase the likelihood of receiving an offer.

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2. Have your REALTOR® give you staging suggestions: One of the advantages to working with a REALTOR® is that they have been in hundreds of homes – those that have sold quickly and those that have sat on the MLS racking up those pesky ‘days on market’ (or “DOM” for all of you Real Estate Savvy folks!).  Your REALTOR® can suggest things like decluttering, opening blinds, adding lights, rearranging furniture, tidying etc.  Take their advice!  And remember, their goal is to help you sell your home as quickly as possible, for the best price possible and with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family.  Home-Staging-picture

An amazing trainer I worked with, Kathy Walker, told us what I always share with my clients:  “When you are selling your home, it’s like you are living in a hotel.  The goal is to get you back to a ‘home’ as soon as possible!”  Thanks Kathy!

3. DIY Staging: With the right tips and advice (both from your REALTOR® and from researching fun articles and blogs like THIS one), you can stage your home on your own without breaking the bank!

An article in the Guelph Mercury from March 2013 quoted Cathy Mansour of Aqua Hospitality Carpets giving this advice in regards to staging:  “I say ‘delete, delete, delete and clean, clean, clean.  You can’t be too tidy or too well-scrubbed.”

  • Begin by eliminating all clutter (*note you do NOT have to rid your home of every single item leaving only the empty furniture.  Buyers know that someone lives in your home.  The key is to make your home look like A home, versus YOUR home…this will help buyers envision it as THEIR home).  Clutter makes your home look smaller.
  • Assess the flooring – In that same article in the Guelph Mercury, Karen Dembsky of Peachtree Home Staging, advises readers that “carpet is warm and inviting in a family room.  Area rugs over hard surface floors make the room look smaller.”  But while clean fresh carpeting is an asset, any floorcovering can be a drawback if it is dirty or has an odor.  Have carpets professionally cleaned before opening your doors for showings.  **

Replacing carpet – you can always get your money back. 

Just don’t put it in the bathroom.  Buyers don’t like that.” – Karen Dembsky


  • Let in the Light! – Dark houses look uninviting no matter how modern and clean they are.  Pull back the curtains, open the blinds and turn on all of the lights.  Replace any burned out light bulbs asap as well.  If any of your light fixtures are outdated, replace them inexpensively before showings.  It’s also advisable to put regular light bulbs in (versus the neon-esque energy efficient bulbs) – just for showings.  They look better to buyers.paintcansandtools
  • Pull out the paint samples – Once you’ve lit up the house, you might notice that some of the walls are faded or look dated.  A fresh coat of paint can liven up any room and create a modern/clean look.  Stick to neutral colours.  Buyers will need to envision this as their home and the neutral colours encourage this.  TIP:  If you have a smaller home, consider painting adjacent rooms or spaces in the same colour to create a larger looking space.
  • The Scent matters – How your home SMELLS can make it appealing or distasteful to potential buyers.  “Smells are a huge factor.  People are often unaware that there is a specific odour.” – Cathy Mansour.  TIP:  If you have cleaned your home from top to bottom, washed all draperies and bed covers and have had your carpets cleaned already, scented candles, baked cookies or pies or glade plug-ins can be a big help.

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