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Guelph, Ontario

♦  With a population of approximately 135,474, the city of Guelph has been ranked as one of the safest cities in all of Canada. It has received this ranking multiple times due to its low crime rate and excellent communities.

♦  The city of Guelph is often praised for its environmentally conscious decisions. The city is concise in caring for the city's water, general developments, and transportation. It aims to be as environmentally aware as it can be.

♦  The well-known phrase "hat trick" was actually invented in Guelph, Ontario. A hat company sponsored a hockey team called the "Mad Hatters" and encouraged all the spectators to toss their hats on the rink after a player got three goals - bringing to life the term "hat trick".

♦  There are many fun activities to do in the Guelph area among them are:

Visit the bridge at Speed River

Visit the birthplace of John McCrae

Explore the city and all their notable landmarks and historic buildings

Take a tour of the Guelph Civic Museum

Go hiking, swimming or boating in the Rockwood Conversation area

Tour the Art Gallery of Guelph

Shop at the local farmers market that was been running since 1827 with over 120 vendors

Attend a festival such Guelph Jazz Festival or the Guelph Film Festival

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Brett L.

I used Krystal's services last year to purchase a house... to say I'm a difficult client is an understatement... but Krystal was able to deal with me and fight for me to get the house I wanted! Her relationships with other realtors and negotiation skills proved to be a huge asset! Thank you Krystal!

Mélanie B.

Krystal has helped us evaluate the surrounding market in order to give us a good idea of our home's value. She is thorough, realistic and honest. We plan to use Krystal's services when we upgrade to a larger home in the same neighbourhood, hopefully next year.

Courtney R.

Krystal Moore cares about you and your family. She is also a huge supporter in the community and represents what Guelph is all about!

Kimberley V.

I feel like we won the realtor lottery when we happened to meet Krystal at a first-time home buyers event earlier this year. We were so impressed with her passion for real estate and incredible work ethic. As first-time home buyers, we truly appreciated all of her guidance and expertise. She was always there to answer our questions and help us with each step. We highly recommend Krystal to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. Thank you so much Krystal in making our dream of owning a home a reality!

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