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August 2017 – Letter from the Heart with YOUR Guelph REALTOR(R) Krystal Lee Moore

FLIP the FEAR and Follow your HEART                                                     August 2017

August already?! It’s hard to believe that we’re almost into another beautiful Autumn in the Royal City – but here we are 🙂 fb img 1502287476145 image

I was fortunate enough this year to attend Buffini and Company’s Mastermind Summit in San Diego, California for the 4th time and it was as amazing as always!

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The theme this year was, “It is a Wonderful Life” – complete with movie clips that I know my Mom would be all over.  But isn’t it the truth.  We are so very lucky to be alive.  And to be alive in this amazing time.  As always, Brian Buffini delivered!  We got to hear from Mitch Albom, Beverley Buffini and Scott Hamilton and learn a few VERY key lessons.received 10159200277585154 image

 Listen to what calls your HEART.  Wherever it leads you.  And TALENT is anything that you contribute to the World.Mitch Albom

Persevere in the MOMENT and a SETBACK is just a SET up for a come BACK!Beverley Buffini

Flip the Fear, you do NOT have to take pain seriously and the WORST things that happen to us are often the BEST things.Scott Hamilton

This amazing conference just lifts hearts and lets souls soar every year and I am so incredibly grateful for the true gift of Buffini and Company.  It is truly a BLESSING and I am sure that my light shines brighter for all of the people around me from this uplifting and inspiring event.

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I was also incredibly happy to return home this year, at 6am, to a wonderful man whose smile was matched only by my own 🙂  It truly is a wonderful life. But this is true for all of us if we look at it with fresh eyes and an open heart.

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Enjoy the rest of your Summer!


Your friend in the business,

YOUR Guelph REALTOR® Krystal Lee Moore

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